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  • Mark D·

    I recently had a MacBook Pro repaired under warranty with Technology Associates. The level of service provided was exceptional with someone even going out of their way to enable me to receive my computer back faster. I appreciate what they did for me.

  • Tracey Louwagie·

    I have used Technology Associates on two different occasions to repair my daughters Mac Book. They are super friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable! I highly recommend Technology Associates, Inc.

  • Sherry·

    I was scheduling to bring in my iPad to be looked at. I accidentally clicked the wrong day so when I called back to try and reschedule the only times that are available out through June are from noon to 1:15 in the afternoon. That is a pretty narrow band to try and schedule I am a nurse at the hospital I work 7 AM to 3:30 PM and I cannot leave during my schedule. My appointment would only take 15 minutes to tell you what the iPad is doing and drop it off for you to look at it. That was
    it but apparently you guys have restricted so badly the customers cannot make appointments when they really need them. So I guess I will be going elsewhere for my business


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